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About Me

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My close friends and family know me as an obsessive problem solver, a playful menace, and an untethered chaser of dreams.

All of these characteristics came with me when I walked onto the bottom of Middlebury Squash Program ladder at the #11 spot. I worked hard through my four years and eventually climbed to play as our #1 at the culmination of my senior season.

Upon graduating, I felt still largely unrefined as a squash player so I took my rough-around-the-edges game to the professional level. In a year, I climbed the rankings to the #161 spot, certainly a maximization of ranking management tactics and a tribute to probably too much grit. I had the privilege to work with a number of top level coaches.

At that stage, something didn't feel quite right and I began to get persistent right hip pain. I turned to physical therapy but always seemed to get temporary relief at best. Playing through the dysfunction proved unproductive and despite upping my investment in physical therapy, the pain progressed.

Nearly 3 years later, with a hip surgery in the books and what felt like chronic tension beginning to resolve, I have taken a lot of the problem solving in-house. I became a NASM certified personal trainer and am working towards certifications in both Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization exercise training and Postural Restoration Institute methodologies. 

This investigation has been eye opening. Connecting with and learning from some of the most informed and experienced therapists in the world with regards to rehabilitation and movement optimization has been incredible. The investigation has shown me that my hip issues were but a symptom of something much deeper.

Currently, I reside in Vermont as the Assistant Coach for the Middlebury Squash Programs. It is a privilege for me to be able to return to the healthy and supportive culture of Midd Athletics.

While the next chapter remains unwritten, I have my fingers crossed for reemerging on the professional squash circuit, being a part of Middlebury Squash and continuing to learn through whatever obstacles emerge.

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