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Core Fitness


At my core, I believe that everyone deserves to feel at ease in their own bodies. I help people in the Baltimore area tap into their bodies and discover their own paths to greater wellbeing. By teaching clients new ways to move, untwisting tension, and unlocking greater alignment, I support them in building a strong foundation to achieve their goals whether performance or lifestyle related.



Balanced Core

I am a big believer in the quote "It's not what you do, it's how you do it." Well, our core is a direct reflection of this because how the core works, how it is supporting us is tremendously important no matter the activity.


I define the core as the compartment in the body from the diaphragm (breathing muscle) to the pelvic floor. It holds our pelvis to our ribcage and supports and grounds the lower portion of our spine. How we manage pressure and tension through this region allows the rest of the body (legs arms and head/neck) to hold less tension and be free and mobile to support us in their peripheral roles. The center MUST hold!

This program is about creating abdominal balance to help you move in a way that is strong, safe and efficient in all that you do.

Rotational Athlete

As a former high level squash player, I love working with rotational athletes. The technical precision and movement capability that is necessary to compete at the highest levels is incredible and the movement coordination required is tremendous. 

It's not a question of IF you can rotate or move, but instead HOW you are rotating and moving. Are your obliques supporting you as you rotate? Are you able to shift well into each hip to transfer your weight into and out of your swing? Do you feel stuck rotating a certain way?  

These are questions that we will find answers to.

As we work on our sport specific technique, our swing and capabilities (squash, tennis, golf, etc) can only be as efficient as what our movement patterns allow. The more effectively your core, hips and shoulders work together, the better access you will have to the technique you have been spending so much time, energy and money trying to learn. 

Move Well, Live Well 

We all know what if feels like to be our best self, centered, energized, focused, relaxed. In sports, we call this 'the zone', in life we call it 'flow' and in some eastern traditions this can be considered the experience of 'the true self'. 


This  experience of flow, of internal harmony, is deeply physical, not just mental. The body knows the way!

This is the COMPLETE program that is a nose to toes process of movement synchronization. Stop the time intensive mobility and stretching routines and help your body strengthen into greater alignment and feel the impact in your day to do.


In this program, the goal is to help peel away the obstacles so that your body and nervous system can strengthen and move towards greater harmony. The process is highly individualized and relative to your desires and goals.

About me

After retiring from Professional Squash due to a significant hip injury and concussions, I spent the next 5+ years as a college squash coach and a chronic health journeyman. Over this time I personally experienced a wide multitude of different movement approaches to restore my physical health and learn how to heal. Because of the magnitude of my personal loss of athleticism and health, I remain deeply passionate about the body and physical alignment and how these things ripple into our ability to do all that we do.

  • Graduated Middlebury College 2016 with degree in Computer Science

  • Played on the Professional Squash Association from 2016-2019 with a HWR of 165

  • Assistant Coach from 2018-2023 at Middlebury College for the Mens and Womens Varsity Squash Programs

  • NASM Certfied Personal Trainer since 2019

  • Student of Mike Cantrell (AIA) and Postural Restoration, having taken over 8 courses through PRI, personally experiencing the approach and rehabilitation of my own body​​

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